Social Media Director Certification Program
An Online Mentorship Program That Helps You Start, Scale & Simplify
Your Business as a Freelance Social Media Director
Certifying Dreamers and Doers Since 2009
Social Media Director Certification Program
An Online Mentorship Program That Helps You Start, Scale & Simplify Your Business as a Freelance Social Media Director
Certifying Dreamers and Doers Since 2009
Get The Strategies, Skills & Credentials You Need To
Become A  RESULTS DRIVEN Social Media Marketer
Be Your Own Boss
Being your own boss means that you get to enjoy the flexibility of being an entrepreneur, and also reap the rewards of owning and running your own successful and thriving business. You get to be completely in control of your workload and the decisions of your business and career.
Generate Passive Income
As a Social Media Director, your services are ongoing, not a one-time job. That means you won’t have to constantly go out to find new clients. Just a few contracts at $500 to $2000 a month each quickly add up to a significant and reliable income stream as you help businesses reach and engage more customers.
Work From Anywhere
As a freelancer, you won’t have to go into an office or even be in the same country as your clients. In fact, much of what you do can be done wherever you have an internet connection on your tablet or smartphone. As long as you keep your clients happy, you’ll continue to get paid no matter where in the world you travel to.
Our Certification Program
A Complete System for Providing REAL Results
Most Social Media Managers struggle to earn profits for their clients, so we created a series of proven systems to help them profit from Social Media. Our program transforms the average Social Media Manager into a skilled marketer that knows how to create a campaign that bring REAL RESULTS for their clients.

Web Friendly is the gold standard for Social Media, because our graduates are known for one thing: Measurably increasing their clients’ bottom line. When you can prove you’re driving $5,000 to $10,000 in sales a month, a business owner will happily continue to pay you $1,000+ per month all year long.

To Become A Certified Social Media Director with Web Friendly® You Need To Get 5 Clients or Make $2500 Using The Strategies Given In This Program
In This Program, You'll Learn How To
Attract Clients
 We show you exactly how to stand out by positioning yourself as the go-to expert in a particular industry, category, or with a certain type of customer. We also show you how to find new clients, how to put together proposals (using our proposal template), and how to package your services to make them attractive to businesses and lucrative for you.
Drive Engagement
Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows businesses to engage their audience in a two-way conversation. And engaging them is the first step to converting them from curious browsers to paid customers. We show you how to engage your clients’ audiences to create better relationships and lead them down the path of becoming a paid customer.
Make Sales
If you’re not driving sales for your clients, it’s hard to justify your fees. What separates Web Friendly Certified Social Media Directors from other so-called experts in the field, is a relentless focus on getting real, measurable results for their clients. That’s because we teach you a step-by-step process for going beyond engagement and directing your audience to funnels and email automations that generate sales. 
Matt Astifan
Founder of Web Friendly®
Creator of the Social Media
Director Certification Program
Meet Your Instructor
Hi I’m Matt Astifan. Thanks for checking out the Social Media Director Certification Program.

Working as a Social Media Director has been a low-stress way to bring in thousands of dollars a month for me and the hundreds of students I’ve trained.

Far from being some sort of get-rich-quick opportunity, this is a real service you’ll provide for real businesses to have a huge impact on their success (and your own).

After you watch the video you'll have an opportunity to apply for the program. If your application is accepted you will be invited to schedule a one on one call with me or someone from my team. On the call we’ll dive into Social Media as a career opportunity for you and see if it makes sense for you to be a part of this program.
These Marketers Get Real Results: 
Here Are a Few of Our Success Stories
Our Members Get Real Results: Here Are a Few of Our Success Stories
KatT Stearns
"$3,000 in 5 weeks as a brand new 
Social Media Director"
Katt had been dabbling in social media, but had no technical experience and didn't know where to start. She took the program in 2009 and before graduating, she reached out to her network and signed up 2 clients, bringing in $3,000. 
Elena Riviera MacGregor
Riviera Design Group
"$20,000 offering social media 
to her customers"
Elena was a branding and re-branding expert. By following the program and adding social media services to what she could offer her clients, she was able to add an additional $20,000 to her income in the first 3 months alone.
Rosa Coelho
Rocofit Health & Fitness
"Signed up 38 new clients from 
around the world in 90 days"
Rosa was struggling to promote her online health and fitness course. After going through the Social Media Director program, she used her new skills to reach, engage, and sign-up 38 new paid clients within 3 months of graduating.
What Will You Get?
Live Online Video Lessons
Once a week for 5 weeks, you’ll tune in on your computer for a live, interactive webinar where we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to be a successful Social Media Director.
Done-For-You Tools and Templates
All certified graduates receive tools and templates to make running their business easier, including custom branded marketing materials, proposal templates, email templates, and landing page templates.
Private Facebook Group
Share insights and ideas, ask questions, and stay motivated by interacting with your classmates in a private, closed facebook group.
Email Support
Have a question, need to make a decision, or just want to bounce some ideas around? Email us anytime and we’ll help you find the answers.
Weekly Q&A Call
Get all your questions answered on a live, group call once a week.
Why Do You Need This NOW?
This is an investment into your future. By following a proven model for success, you could be saving yourself countless hours and thousands of dollars wasted making mistakes and learning things the hard way. 

The best part of this investment is that it really does pay for itself. To become a certified Social Media Director with Web Friendly®, you need to get 5 clients or make at least $2,495 using the strategies you learn in this program. 

That means by the time you have earned your SMD Certification, you will have generated enough income to pay off the entire cost of the course, plus more. Talk about a return on investment!
One Time Payment
  • Complete Access to Course Materials
  • Live Online Video Coaching
  • Done-For-You Tools and Templates
  • Social Media Director Certification
3 MONTH Payment Plan
  • Complete Access to Course Materials
  • Live Online Video Coaching
  • Done-For-You Tools and Templates
  • Social Media Director Certification
The Strongest Guarantee In The Industry
Web Friendly Better-Than-Risk-Free Triple Guarantee
Web Friendly 
Better-Than-Risk-Free Triple Guarantee
At Web Friendly, we're so confident you will love our program that we've backed it with the BEST guarantee in the industry. It's simple: Give our program a shot, and if you are not 100% satisfied with your results, let us know. Your success is our priority.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE #1: You have a full 30 Days to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just email Web Friendly support and you'll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a "my dog ate my homework" story. No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. No "fine print".
100% RESULT GUARANTEE #2: In order to become a Certified Social Media Director™ with Web Friendly you need to implement what you learn and get 5 new client or make $2,495 (MINIMUM) THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. If after 5 weeks from the last class you’re able to show us proof that you’ve used at least half of what we showed you in the program, and you will look us in the eye on paper and tell us you did not put at least $2,495 in your bank account that you would not have otherwise, send us a note describing your use and failure with the program, we will STILL refund every penny you've paid.
100% PROFIT GUARANTEE #3: If after 10 weeks you’re STILL unable to get 5 clients or make $2,495, we'll ride along with you for another ELEVEN months to help you become a Certified Social Media Director™. We want a 100% success rate with every student - your success is our priority. What you're going to learn inside this program has helped hundreds of people make a full time income as a freelance Social Media Director.
Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your 
Career as a Social Media Director?
There is no better time than now to pursue a career as a Social Media Director. Begin your application process now by clicking the button below.

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