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            Attendee Details:
The HiVE Coworking
128 W Hastings Street, Downtown Vancouver
Monday, May 6th 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Why the "U" in BUSINESS is the most critical factor to SUCCESS, with Udo Erasmus
In This Presentation You Will Discover:
  • ➡ How To Focus On Your Health And Watch Your Business Explode 
  • ➡ How To Master The Power Of Presence To Be A Winning Leader
  • ➡ How To Work For Life And Then Watch Your Bank Account Grow
  • ➡ How To Tell Your Truth And Reach Millions with Your Brand, Product, Message or Service
  • ➡ Plus, One Type Of "Home Work" That Makes The Difference Between You Failing Or Succeeding
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