How Top Internet Marketers & Savvy Business Owners
Are Thriving On Facebook Alone.
Yes, You Can Profit From Facebook!
I'll Show You How...
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Grow Your Audience
Engage Your Audience
Convert Your Audience
You'll Also Get... 
the ultimate facebook profits 53 PAGE WORKbook!
This workbook will make setting up a Facebook ads campaign a breeze and no longer a headache (or a mystery if you haven't tried it yet).

If you want to get good at Facebook Advertising and use it to take your business to the next level, then this program is for you. 

The faster you implement the ideas in this booklet, the faster you’ll make money. 
InSIDE THIS PROGRAM, You'll Learn How To
How To Take Your Business To The Next Level & Build Your Platform Without Dumping Money Into Facebook Advertising!
How To Craft Your Offer To Position Your Products & Services With Quality, Integrity & Authority (QIA Formula™) For Maximum Profits
How To Get MORE Your Fans, MORE Engagement and MORE Conversions Using Interactive Media Strategies™
3 Tested Methods For Getting The Lowest Cost Per Click With Facebook Advertising… And Most Importantly, Higher Quality Clicks!
The Hidden Facebook Metrics You Need To Track That Tell You If Your Facebook Strategy Is Actually Working… And How To Optimize it!
The Formula For Producing A High Quality & Highly Profitable "Facebook LIVE Show"
CASE STUDY: A Simple Technique To Increase Your Engagement With Every Post You Publish… And Actually “Sell” You Products & Services Without Being Salesy!
And A Lot More Tactical Tips & Tricks To Scale Your Marketing & Get Customers Using Facebook Alone!
Matt Astifan
Founder of Web Friendly®
Matt Astifan is the organizer and leader of the largest and longest standing Internet Marketing Meetup in North America with over 10,000 members. 

His events have attracted some of the world’s brightest minds in digital marketing and Internet entrepreneurship to share their wisdom and expertise with the community. 

He’s presented over 200 keynotes and presentations at many of western Canada’s leading companies and conferences. His sold-out events each attract hundreds of Internet entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who attend to hear him speak on the latest in digital and social media marketing that works. 

At heart, he is a curious adventurer, explorer, and pioneer always looking for innovative ways to reach new heights in life and business.
the truth about profitING from FACEBOOK
Since I began teaching others to profit from Facebook, I've focused on telling the truth and only the truth on what is currently working, what I am doing and what has proven to get people results. 

I know that without a doubt once you get access to the Ultimate Facebook Profits (UFP) Workshop™ you will be getting exactly that... the unvarnished truth about how to grow, engage and convert your audience with Facebook. 

What I learned about Facebook took me years to figure out. This is the only chance to get everything I’ve tested, what works and what doesn’t work, presented to you with nothing held back. This is the exact workshop I would attend if I wanted to increase my sales with Facebook marketing FAST.

I created Ultimate Facebook Profits (UFP)™ to help you get results as quickly as possible, and there is no where else you can get the content from Ultimate Facebook Profits. My team and I have created this curriculum from scratch, this isn't some *I read it somewhere* refurbished information. You're getting my personal PROVEN and tested system for profiting with Facebook.
What YOU Get
Video Lessons
All you need to do is watch 2 videos, total of 4 hours of training. Get the GOODS right away, no fluff.
Ultimate facebook Profits book
This workbook will make setting up a Facebook ads campaign a breeze and no longer a headache (or a mystery if you haven't tried it yet).
Private Facebook Group
Share insights and ideas, ask questions, and stay motivated by interacting with your classmates in a private, closed facebook group.
Slide deck
Get a downloadable PDF of the UFP slides with clickable resources! Making it easier for you to review the content at a glance.
The Web Friendly Risk-Free MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 
At Web Friendly, we're so confident you will love our program that we've backed it with the BEST guarantee in the industry. It's simple: Try our program, and if you are not 100% satisfied with your results just email us for a  full refund.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You have a full 30 Days to review the program, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just email Web Friendly support and you'll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a "my dog ate my homework" story. No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. No "fine print".
Are You Ready to Start Profiting from Facebook?
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Our Clients Get REAL Results:
Here Are a Few of Their Success Stories
Kat Stearns
"$3,000 in 5 weeks as a brand new 
Social Media Director"
Kat had been dabbling in social media, but had no technical experience and didn't know where to start. She took the program and before graduating, she reached out to her network and signed up 2 clients, bringing in $3,000. 
Elena Riviera MacGregor
Riviera Design Group
"$20,000 offering social media 
to her customers"
Elena was a branding and re-branding expert. By following the program and adding social media services to what she could offer her clients, she was able to add an additional $20,000 to her income in the first 3 months alone.
Rosa Coelho
Rocofit Health & Fitness
"Signed up 38 new clients from 
around the world in 90 days"
Rosa was struggling to promote her online health and fitness course. After going through the Social Media Director program, she used her new skills to reach, engage, and sign-up 38 new paid clients within 3 months of graduating.
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